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Women's Marc

1.29.17 - In this special 2017 season premiere episode of Shaping Sapiens, we'll witness sounds and stories from the Women's March on Washington from different marchers in different cities across the country. As a participant in the march myself, I've come to understand that these stories are vital. In a nation -- a WORLD -- that appears to be so divided, the only thing that can bring us together is LISTENING to each other and LEARNING that we are much more alike than we are different. Our show's mission aims to educate, inspire, and unite us one Shaping Sapien at a time. But, what exactly is a "Shaping Sapien"? I'm so glad you asked. It's you. It's me. It's every one of us, each member of the recent human race. All of us, in this together, shaping each other, for better or for worse, for every future generation to come. So, let's start listening, shall we?


EPISODE 7: being brave is funny

10.23.16 - What do you get when you mix spunk, humor, and a great pixie hair cut? You get a comedian from Brooklyn with an insatiable hunger for life. Chani Lisbon is one of eleven Jewish Orthodox children, and her affinity for comedy stemmed from an innate curiosity to poke and prod and ask "What would happen if?" By following the answers, Chani's story teaches that no matter how far away you may go, your roots may always lead you home again.

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EPISODE 6: The Fire still burns

9.25.16 - They say when you have a dream, the whole universe will conspire to make that dream a reality. At first, that dream can feel SO RIGHT, so seductive, so sure...Especially when you're a 20-something die-hard rock-and-roller. But, inevitably, life has a way of throwing around obstacles, and the dreamer is forced to either hold on or grow up. Diego Del Pozzo teaches us that if that dream really is meant to be, then it won't matter how much time has passed, because if that inner fire is still burning, we will surely find our way back home once again.

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9.4.16 - How does one fight cancer? With vengeance? Tears? Determination? Prayers? Hope? Our guest today chooses to fight it with fire. This conversation takes place just a few hours after receiving her 6th chemotherapy treatment. I wasn't even sure if she'd be up for it. But after we got home, she went into her room and came back out, freshly dressed, make-up on, and a bright, colorful hair turban in place and said: "Let's do it." Stephanie Jensen Garza is the epitome of what it means to be brave and proves that just because you're going through cancer, does not mean it gets to define who you are.

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Episode 4: Mountain Lion Time

5.29.16 - Sometimes you hear a story that is so extraordinary, you can't help feeling like you just got off one of the most insane, merciless rollercoaster rides of your life. Our guest today has that kind of story, one that leads the listener through every harrowing twist and turn imaginable. From a life as a monk to an encounter with a mountain lion to a love story on the Mexican/American border and the inevitable battle with U.S. Immigration, Hope Ruiz is a woman that proves no matter the plan (A, B, C, D, or E), the next big leap may turn into the greatest, most rewarding adventure of all. 

Photo Credit: Jöshua Barnett

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Episode 3: #MomLife

5.8.16 - Who knew 10 years ago two small town pageant girls would be sitting down together one day to talk about motherhood and the relentless pursuit of honoring our teenage dreams despite all the sharp twists and turns of life? In this special Mother's Day episode, I get to sit down with the indelible Lauren Halcik and learn all about her last decade from promising opera singer to young mom, wife, feminist, business woman, and now, homeschool "crunchy" mom extraordinaire. Lauren's story proves that throughout all the detours of life, with enough grit, love, and determination, the road may always rise up to meet you.

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Episode 2: Great Expectations

4.14.16 - Have you ever had a friend that when you're with them, it feels as if you can conquer the entire world together? That anything you can possibly dream really can come true? I'm fortunate to have a friend like that, and her name is Mechi. Though we started out as polar opposites, Mechi has become one of my greatest teachers. One who was crazy enough to invite me along on a 5,000 kilometer road trip across South America for one of the greatest lessons of my life: a crash course in letting go and learning to let the Universe in.

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Episode 1: Comfort Zone


3.27.16 - Every once in a while, you come across a person who has a story that is so extraordinary, it feels like they've lived a life destined to become an Academy Award-winning movie. Last September, I had the honor of hearing Barbara Abelhauser tell her story at Fresh Ground Stories in Seattle and immediately, HAD to meet her afterwards. Lucky for me, she became my friend, and it was because of her encouragement and trusting spirit that this podcast is even a thing. Thanks for being my first story, Barbara, and thank you for showing me how a life lived outside the ordinary is a life that is always worth pursuing.